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The human behind the RingZer0 Team

It used to be a one man team project. But luckily several super kind humans being decided to support the RingZer0 platform and improve it. I you guys with all my heart!


Charles F. Hamilton (Mr.Un1k0d3r)

Charles founded “RingZer0ctf.com”. He has run selflessly the website almost solely on his own for many years and is responsible for bringing this from a simple idea, to a full blown pen-tester factory. Charles is appreciated for empowering others and has been known to hold various talks on red team, penetration testing and programming.

Charles is in charge of running the website and the company. Charles has been a penetration testing professional since 2012 and holds an AEC in programming and telecommunication.

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David Lebrun (davidlebr1)

David is known in Canada as a first class penetration tester. Having won numerous hacking competitions, he is spending a portion of his time teaching at ETS Montréal and consulting for various organizations across Canada.

David is in charge of the branding of RingZer0, organising the client outreach and managing social media presence. David has been an information security professional since 2017 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT.

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Marc Olivier Bergeron (mbergeron)

Marc Olivier is our in-house challenge Guru. Having been a contributor to the website for the last couple of years, he has assisted Charles for many of the website chores including administration and approving challenge writeups. Marc Olivier works as a security consultant.

Marc Olivier is in charge of maintaining and adding new challenges to the website. Marc Olivier has been an information security professional since 2017 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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Jonathan Pépin (Tazzo)

Jonathan Pépin is an inspiration for anyone thinking of joining the cyber security world. He was working in the construction industry but never felt highly motivated. He found out about RingZer0 in 2017 and discovered his true calling: cyber security. Ever since, he kept learning at an acute rate and is working toward becoming one of the best penetration tester in the industry.

Jonathan has been a penetration testing professional since 2017.

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Victor De Luca (victorenzodeluca)

Victor came across hacking for the first time playing Warcraft 3. Since then, he has been passionate about safeguarding the confidentiality and the privacy of people’s information.

Victor holds a B.Sc. in cybersecurity and is currently studying to complete his M.Eng. in information system security. Victor works as a cybersecurity consultant.

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Geneviève Millette (Zarath)

Germaine en chef. Plus de 15 ans de soutien en comptabilité pour des PME québécoises.


Peter (Towel)

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Maxim Tremblay (TheIndian)

Maxim studied and began his career in electronics and then quickly changed his career orientation for computer science where he discovered a big passion. Since then, Maxim worked as a security analyst and concentrated himself on blue team. His current job is to manage more than 225 firewalls in a big network infrastructure and Maxim is Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM) for a few years now. Even if he is interested by pentesting, he never worked directly as a pentester. When he discovered CTFs and RingZer0 team site, he right away loved this beautiful Quebecer platform. Maxim decided to join the RZT to contribute to the success of this Web Site where he learned a lot on many different aspects of security.

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Felix Charette (Sideni)

Felix is currently finishing a software engineering bachelor degree. He started learning and practicing cybersecurity in early 2016 for which he had a passion since a long time. Since then, he has mastered SQL injection for which he gave a workshop in Montreal in 2018. He has also started creating challenges on the subject inspiring himself from various pentests he made during an internship in this field. From his learnings, he managed to reach, with his team, the 3rd place at the NorthSec CTF in 2018. After focusing more heavily on web and crypto challenges, Felix is now attacking the binary world in order to master the pwning and reversing categories.

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